An Affirmation of LOVE

In the centre of all Love I stand.
From that centre I , the Soul, will outward move.
From that centre I, the one who serves, will work.
May the Love of the Divine Self be shed abroad,
In my Heart, through this group, and throughout the

When you are sitting quietly, imagine breathing in coloured light that is Pink.
See it filling your physical body and starting to radiate.
Expand this beautiful Pink energy bubble outwards from your Heart Centre.
See it in your mind's eye getting bigger and bigger.
First it fills your house. The your Suburb or City. Then your State.
Then your Country, and finally extend it all around Mother Earth.
Feel it pulsating Love and Kindness around our globe.

Then, leaving this lovely Pink energy out there, start to gently
bring your OWN energy back to your Country, then State, then City,
and then back into your own Heart Space.

When you do this exercise, you do much to help so many, and
it is appreciated. You are loved always....The Angels.
Angelic Reiki Australia
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Barbara is the most amazing and inspirational Light-minded Being that I have ever
had the chance to spend time with! Her teachings have opened me up to things
that I will carry with me for my Soul's life!
This workshop, in this environment with Barbara I highly recommend to everyone who wants
to be in touch with their own Spirituality and Light!
Paula - from Hilltop NSW March, 2013

  What an amazing two days! The course was just not long enough...
  I came away with so much insight, not only from the Angelic Reiki training,
  but also from the wonderful conversations and stories throughout the 2 days.
  A wonderful experience that I will always treasure. Thank You, Barbara.
  Michelle - from Terara. NSW  March 2013

I enjoyed every aspect of this course and the 2 days it ran over! Barbara is a gifted
and caring teacher that explains things in full and makes you feel safe and welcome in every situation.
I look forward to working with her in the future and learning all she has to teach!
This course exceeded all my expectations! Thank you!!!
Reneé - from Sanctuary Point. NSW March 2013

The Angelic Reiki workshop was an amazing experience for which I thank you.
I have practised Traditional Usui Reiki for 3 years and found Angelic Reiki to be a different energy.
Angelic Reiki is a beautiful energy which for the Healer is extremely precise and intense,
yet comforting, relaxing and peaceful for the Healee.
This type of Reiki could be incorporated into any other type of healing modality,
or practised on its own - as it is portable and once attuned and learnt, is easy to practise.
"You are in the hands of the Angels who never get it wrong,
    and for that I am extremely grateful."
Thank you again for a marvellous workshop and allowing me to experience
more Angels than I ever could have imagined.
Love and Light,
Julianne - from Douglas Park. NSW August, 2011

Over the last twenty years I have studied Reiki and Seichim both to
Masters Levels. When I was attuned to Angelic Reiki I experienced
it much more deeply and more personally than I had with
any of the levels of the other two.
I found that when I was tuned into my personal crystal and with my Healing Angel,
it gave me such a deeper sense of connection.
For the first time ever I could actually visualise the Healing Angel
that was working with me.
This was really profound.
It was so much more than I anticipated, and it has taken my
healing energy work to completely new levels for me. Thanks.
In Love and Gratitude,
Linda - from Nowra Area. NSW May, 2010
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